Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Birthday Boy

This little man is turning one tomorrow! It seems like he has bringing joy and laughter to our lives much longer. Xander has been such a blessing to our family. He is a constant reminder to me what God can do in our hearts and lives. I always feel like Noah's birthdays are just as meaningful to me as his mother as they are to him. It serves as a reminder of his birth and the year of being his mother. And so Xander's birthday celebrates both this sweet little boy and all the things he means to Emily. There is just something about watching your baby sister grow and mature through being a mother! I love them both so very much. And pride just fills me up when I look at their faces. We celebrated Xander last week at a party at A2 the church Emily has been attending with Griffin's family. It was a great party. Xander loves bouncy balls, hence the theme and decorations. Guests took home bouncy balls as favors. Cupcakes had gum balls on them. Dot confetti and garland was made to decorate. And his smash cake had little icing balls and matched the invitation exactly. Look at his party hat! He really enjoyed his yummy cake. Mmm Xan Man.... Aunt Banana loves you!

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