Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Bible Study

Two things:

1)For a couple of months I have been dying to join a women's Bible study. There were some at church that were already in progress or that met during the mornings (which won't fit my working mom schedule). I began to really pray about an opportunity for study with other women who are also craving a study and a group of women to pray with and commune with. And kept hearing or feeling I guess the same thing. If you don't have one....create one.

2) I added a counter to my blog two weeks ago because my curiosity had been peaked by a few emails I had received about being added to a fashionable mommy blog list and some asking me to host giveaways. I thought they were just crazy. I don't have "readers". Well it turns out I am getting around 500 hits a week. Now that's not a lot in the grand scheme of the internet. But it is more than the ten people I figured were reading.

When I put these two things together I really feel like God was telling me what I needed to do.Surely there are other busy women out there who are craving the same insight and encouragement Bible Studies can bring reading this blog. So beginning in January I am going to be hosting a Bible Study on my blog. I am also going to invite several of my neighbors to a face to face meeting every other week. These two groups will not be sharing with each other but I would like to use the same study. I am still praying about it but I think I will be using this book. The online format will be something like spending two weeks on each week of study. I will probably post a discussion on the week's homework and have interactive questions. Most of our discussion will take place on the comment portion. Expanding the time spent on each section should allow for lots of time to get the "homework" done or for new people to join and catch up. I am hoping for some scripture memorization. I will be setting up a separate "page" for the Bible Study. I am hoping that the sharing will be something that I don't necessarily "lead" but facilitate.

I'd love for you to leave a comment to this post if you think you'd like to join up. And what you think about the book. I'd like to start discussion on the first week of the book on January 15th. So you have a month to decide.


Anonymous said...

Carrie this is a wonderful idea. I have no idea how this would work but I'm sure you thirty somethings will figure this out. God's word will not return void. This will be such a blessing.

Sally said...

I will join you! I think it's an awesome idea! And congrats on 500 hits! =)

I have Kelly's book and went through a study a couple years ago...but I skipped a lot of meetings and didn't get a lot out of it (b/c I didn't put a lot into it), so I'm excited to give it another try. =)

Robin said...

I'm in! We're doing the same book with our Nearly/Newly Ladies at church. Will be great to get multiple view points.

Did you pass out when you read that you were thirty something?

Mom said...

This is a GREAT idea! Go for it!