Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Champions

Saturday Adam and I made a little trip to Atlanta to see a little football game. We had a blast being together and cheering on our Tigers. We haven't made it to a game this season so it was awesome to be at this one in particular.

I love Auburn.

I love being a part of the Auburn Family.
I love being all in.

I love cheering on this team. I love our coach. I love that house down the street from my parents that rolled their little tree again. And everyone who rolled Toomer's in Auburn so much that it looked like this the morning after.

I even love that I cried at the game and then again during the celebration. I'm emotional. I can't help it.

I loved Cam's quote after accepting the MVP award.

I love Chizik's speech.

I love my Auburn Tigers!!!

I of course forgot my camera. And then my phone died after we used it as a gps to get to Fat Matt's Rib Shack for lunch. I had just enough juice to get a few pictures at the game.

I'd love to go to Glendale but I'll be back at work with no days at all. Or the extra money to get me there if I had the days. But I will be there in heart!!

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