Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Marathon Day

Today Adam is covering the elections and I had a marathon day with both boys. I am very spoiled by Adam's help! After being so physically exhausted by all of the illnesses and just the demands of an active almost three year old I have been dreading today for the last week. But it ended up being a sweet sweet day.

Normally my personal philosophy on dressing my boys is to dress them like babies. They'll be wearing grown up clothes forever but only a year or two can they dress like babies. But I make an exception for overalls. I love little baby boys in overalls. Miller is growing so fast that today (I desperately need to do laundry) he only had overalls and short sleeved onsies. (Xander and

Noah's clothes, which make up the majority of Miller's wardrobe, are going to be Spring clothes in his current size.We need to shop this weekend for some warm 3-6 month clothes.) Look at what a big boy he is!

After playing hard all morning while trying to wait for the rain to let up, we decided the rain was going to stay awhile. We braved the rain and went to Publix. I put Miller in the Baby Bjorn and Noah in the cart. When we checked out it was the first time in forever that the bagger didn't offer to help me out. I usually turn them down, but with the rain today I was kind of hoping for help. The manager noticed and came running over with two umbrellas. She held one over Noah and herself and gave one to me and Miller. I was putting Miller in the car and could hear Noah and the manager chatting easily. I was thankful for her help and great customer service. Kindness is contagious.

We got home and had lunch and then amazingly enough we were all able to take a two hour nap! We played some more and then it was time for dinner at Chick-Fil-A. ( It was kinda weird, we ran into two of our neighbors. What are the odds of having three families come to a restaurant from the same street?) I loved watching Noah play on the playground. He picked out a little girl to befriend. I thought it was interesting that he approached the girl instead of some slightly older and younger boys. He was definitely in charge in their short friendship. He called her green. She was wearing a green shirt. I kept suggesting to ask her for her name. But he seemed content to call her green. "Come on green, play over here."

It was home for baths and then bed. Miller was in such a happy mood. I was talking to him and tickling him and heard the sweetest sound... laughter. What a precious sound is a baby's first laughter! Just an ordinary day. A long ordinary day. Loving on my boys. Thankful for the ability and blessing to be able to spend a day doing it.


Megan said...

I love the picture of Noah hugging Miller with his eyes closed. So sweet!

John Henry called people by their shirt color for the longest time! We had some people working over here when we moved in and John Henry kept calling them "Red Sammy" and "Black Sammy." I had to explain to black sammy that he was talking about his shirt. :)

Mom said...

When I first read this blog entry I laughed so hard at Megan's comment that I forgot to comment!
Wonderful, sweet pictures of your sweet boys! I can't help but notice your excellent compositions....the extra touch of the color green in the background with pillow....and the way you planned Miller's shirt to match his bumpo.........I know you planned all that, right? ;-)