Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Gratitude Posts

Last year in November my friend Micheal did a special challenge where she and others wrote each day leading up to Thanksgiving about the things they were grateful for. I participated but not always daily. Sometimes I had to do a couple of days at a time. I want to do it again this year. Our pastor at Calvary is encouraging the church to spend the rest of the year in prayer and preparation for our centennial year. I feel like God is challenging me to prepare myself for the the New Year in November and December. In January I will go back to work. Y'all know I can barely keep my house and clothes clean and my head on straight when I am at home all day. So I worry about things will go as a working mom of two! And I want to really serve God in all my roles to the best of my ability. Teaching at BHS puts me in such a cool spot to serve Him and glorify Him. So in November I am going to really focus on gratitude. In December I want to really focus on Christ, who He is, how He loves, and how I can bring His message of love to those I come in contact with. Hopefully I can also get Noah to focus on these things too, if just for a brief moment each day.

So here it goes......

November 1st- Today(or yesterday) I am grateful for kindness. I was surrounded by it and touched by it all day. I was seen at the doctor's office even when I was twenty minutes late. The nurses helped me take care of Miller and the load of stuff I brought with us. Everyone was so kind. The preschool kindly let Noah stay later so I didn't have to take both boys with me to my appointment. They were so kind when he had an accident during nap. It was totally my fault for not sending a Pull Up for nap but their love for the kids was so evident, his teachers felt awful for not thinking about it. Cars let me in and over. Strangers smiled. A Etsy store owner offered to rush order Noah's party invites free. I was touched.

November 2nd- Today I am thankful for laughter. God made such a great sounding expression of happiness. I love watching Noah play or watching cartoons and burst into laughter. And I am grateful to hear Miller's laugh for the first time today! It instantly softens my heart.

If you decide to share your gratitude, please leave a comment to link your blog post.

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