Monday, November 1, 2010

The Halloween Weekend

I think October is one of my favorite months! The heat finally lets up, there is great football, pumpkins, fall deco, and Halloween. This was a wonderful fall weekend. On Friday Noah had his Halloween Party at school. He refused to put on his race car costume. He wanted to be a princess like Brooke. Finally he wanted to put on his cape from last year. Despite his rocky start to the morning he had a great time. Then I began baking up a storm for our neighbor's Halloween party. I made cupcakes from scratch, Rice Krispy Treats with Fall M&M's, and Dark Chocolate Cookies with Candy Corn. Saturday morning both boys joined the preschool department at the University's Arboretum for a photo shoot. Then we cleaned to get ready for Trick or Treating. Mimi, Papa, Emy and Xander came for the party.Car Crash!Ready to get the party started! It is good to know that Noah is not the only temperamental two year old. Brooke changed her mind and wanted to be a ballerina. Miller was not really into the party or Trick or Treating since it was about bed time. He was in his costume long enough to snap some pictures. We enjoyed the party at Brooke's! And then the Trick or Treat Hayride through the neighborhood. Mimi and Papa stayed at the house with Miller and manned the door. Clear Creek was out in full force! After an hour or so our car ran out of gas. We headed back to the house and Mimi took the boys to our neighbor's houses. And it was time to come home and take inventory! He was supper excited about his candy. Xander just loved the way the wrappers sounded. His mommy wouldn't let me slip him any. We had so much fun and are so thankful for family and friends to celebrate with. And that Mimi found the boys' costumes at a big consignment sale. They were adorable!!
Sunday morning I woke up in some pain. I thought maybe it was just cramps. I went on to church. (So glad I did, we had a great message!) But when we got home it was much worse. Some other symptoms I won't go into detail about came up. I called my dad of course and he said to go on to the ER. He and mom came in to keep the boys so Adam could going with me. But just before they got here I passed it. Yuck. That experience was not fun.
Noah and Papa had fun playing. I was told they were in Auburn practicing? Mom and Dad stayed until I got both boys down and then they prayed with me. After three rounds of Mastitis, two bouts of thrush, and now a Kidney Stone I am starting to feel like I am in some kind of spiritual battle, as if the enemy is trying to rob me of physical strength during these special months at home. But he will not win! Despite the setback Sunday it was a great Halloween weekend and then, wow, its already November!!! And time for reflection and thanksgiving. Any suggestions on getting a message of gratitude to a three year old? I'm trying to think of some sweet things to do with Noah this Holiday season to get the true messages across. Anything??


Robin said...

Girl. A kidney stone? Wow. Like Job 2! You look great though. Until I got to that part I was thinking you have really lost weight and I love the hair. Now I'm thinking man alive, you could win some sort of contest for being that gorgeous AND having a kidney stone. Also, I need to snuggle Miller. NEED, I tell ya. Love you!

Mom said...

It WAS a f-u-l-l weekend, wasn't it? I am thankful for photographs capturing all the fun highlights...leaving the "lowlights" behind in the dust! By the way - I agree with Robin. You win!
Love you Sweetie!

Anonymous said...

I agree! You looked great! A kidney stone!! I can't imagine but at least it was quick. Some people go days and days with that pain! We are thankful all is well.
Everything looked liked so much fun! I love all the pictures! Kiss the boys for me.
Love, Nana