Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Gratitude Posts- Day Three

Today I am giving thanks for unconditional love.

My parents gave me many things and taught me many lessons but the best thing they did for me was to convince me of their unconditional love for me and my sisters. I was secure in the fact that no matter what I did, what mistakes I made their love for me would not change. They modeled what I learned to be true of God. No matter what I do His love for me doesn't waver. If I have a fantastic day or if mess up royally, He loves me. And I was patient and sought that kind of love out in the man that would be my husband. Adam loves me unconditionally. No matter what state the house is in when he comes home from work, no matter what kind of mood I am in, or what motherhood has done to my already imperfect body, he loves me. The security of this unconditional love I have found in my family, my God and my husband have shaped who I am today. They provide me shelter from the world, confidence when I am lacking, motivation when I need it, and comfort when I am broken. It is easy to get "too" comfortable in the safety they provide me..... satisfaction with mediocre grades when I could have done better, not reaching out in love to the world around me enough, not worrying at all about the climbing numbers or just stubborn unmoving numbers on the scale instead of trying for a healthy balance, being so secure I didn't think twice about going to Chick-Fil-A in a t-shirt covered in this morning's spit up and hair that hadn't been brushed in at least 20 hours. But it is amazing to know that my worth does not come from the thoughts and praise of others but in God's love for me. Don't get me wrong.... I have total moments of complete insecurity (I live in a college town surrounded by cute, perfectly groomed, skinny, fashionable people all the time. Not to mention the super moms I know who daily put me to shame.) But when I sit down to really think about it.... in my heart of hearts I find satisfaction in the unconditional love of my Father, my family, and the love of my life here on Earth.

I decided that everyday I would talk to Noah about thankfulness and ask him what he was thankful for. Today he is thankful for Brooke and Charlie.

How about you?

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Mom said...

Today I am thankful for the constant reminders I get all day long of how much I need God....and for all the different ways He lets me know He is here!