Monday, November 8, 2010

The Gratitude Posts-Day Eight

Today I am thankful for libraries.

I know, not very deep but true. I love the library. I LOVE to read. Since Noah has inherited the love of reading I have learned to truly appreciate our public library. Tuscaloosa's library has a great Christian fiction collection and the Children's Easy Book section is extensive and balanced between the new books and classics. They even have lots of board books in big wooden boxes on the floor that are perfect for toddlers. I am also thankful that when I took Noah and Miller to the library today and Miller had a breakdown I was met with help and sympathetic smiles and not annoyance. I also love that even though there is apparently a book sucked into a back hole somewhere in Noah's room... they suggested renewing another three weeks to avoid any more fines! When I was younger the library was close enough to walk to and I remember walking home with new books. Also when I was writing my thesis I got to go to the special collections room at the Birmingham Library and put on special gloves to read a book from 1760.

Noah is thankful for The Poky Little Puppy.

How about you?

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