Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Gratitude Posts Day Nine and Ten

Day Nine-

Today I am thankful for the Internet. I love being able to look up information, keep up with friends, family and news. Window shop to my heart's content. Not only have been at home playing with the boys today but I got to read more about Cam Newton than I wanted to know, buy all the supplies for Noah's birthday party, shop for deals on smocked outfits for Miller on EBay, research Cricut cartridges (because someday I'm going to be able to buy one or two and finally finish Noah's baby book!), brainstorm creative ideas (I want to start a birthday book for the boys that record their birth story and then serves as a place to store photos, cards and mementos from each of their birthdays with a letter every year from me and Adam bout their year.) and found some new recipes. I am thankful for the technology that makes all of those things possible. How else would I get to see all the most adorable pictures of all my friends' adorable kids. Not to mention my nephews and nieces!

Noah is thankful for Brooke.

Day Ten-

Today I am thankful for Miller and his sweet innocence. I can't help but look at this sweet smiling face and want to protect it form the world.

He has no idea that the world is evil, that people are sinful. He knows only love. I wish I could keep it that way always. I was thinking about that this morning and it struck my heart. God's utter heartbreak when Adam and Eve sinned and allowed it to creep into God's perfect creation. Does His heart still hurt at the knowledge that every sweet baby will experience sin and pain? What about the lost? How must His heart must ache over those that turn away from Him. I am thankful to be able to have the opportunity to show others God's love. Especially my sweet innocent baby.

Noah is thankful for tag.

How about you?

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Mom said...

I too am thankful for the internet and getting to see pictures of my ADORABLE grandchildren, their crafts, thier pets, thier friends, their food...their birthday invitations...and oh, did I mention their parents! Thank You, Lord, for all the ways, ancient and new, to connect with the people You have given us to love!