Monday, November 15, 2010

The Gratitude Posts- Catch Up

We went to visit my sister this weekend in Macon, GA. (More to come on that later.) So I am a little behind.

Day Eleven:

Today I am thankful for the sacrifice and honor and bravery and love and service of our veterans. We would not be here without them. Really. When I think about my grandfather and all those like him I am blown away about what they did for our country. And I pray that we would realize it and that we would not take their actions for granted. That we would "earn it". (That's a reference for Adam.)

Noah is thankful for Brooke. There's a surprise.

Day Twelve:

Today I am thankful for both my sisters. I love them. I love the way they love me and each other. I am thankful for the kind of mothers they are. I am thankful for the way the spoil me and my children. I am thankful for the way they make me laugh. I am thankful for their unconditional love.

Noah is thankful for his cousin Michael.

Day Thirteen:

Today I am thankful that God calls us to be Holy and that there are people who strive to answer the call. It is refreshing and inspiring to meet people who love the Lord and who desire to be molded to be more like Him. I want to be like that. To try everyday to be better. To allow myself refined. Melted down. And reshaped.

Noah is thankful for Michael. He really is.

Day Fourteen:

Today I am thankful for Adam's ability to travel well. He is a good driver. And I love riding with him places. We are stuck in the car with nothing else but each other. I might not be thankful for ALL of his music. But I am thankful he gives into my choices more than he doesn't. Traveling and driving with him always makes me thankful he is my best friend.

Noah is thankful for gummies.

Day Fifteen:

Today I am thankful for rain. I love the occasional gray rainy day. I feel all cozy inside. And it contrasts those sunny days and makes us thankful for them.

Noah is thankful for cupcakes.

How about you????

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I'm thankful you!