Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Three Month Posts

Miller is three months old! He doesn't go to the doctor again until next month, so I don't have any official stats. I will say that he is definitely growing. He is now in 3-6 month clothing. He is tall. And he is fattening up and getting chubby baby legs and arms. Some of the new things he loves to do this month: LAUGH (I love it), watch people particularly his big brother, swat at his toys and look at them. One of my favorite thing about Miller is the way he will look right into your eyes. Forever. Just staring at you. Into your soul with those amazing blue eyes. Nobody has looked into my eyes that much since Adam and I were dating ;) He is waking up from naps happy and cooing. He is still sleeping like a champ at night 10 to 11 hours. Still goes every two and half to three hours during the day between feedings. He still wants about seven ounces. Though yesterday he took two BIG naps the past two days. So maybe we are moving into that every four hours and two big naps routine.He is mostly happy. He gives smiles away like candy at a parade. He is content except when he is ready for bed or a bottle. I just love him. So much. So very much. Here are the bed pictures:Miller at Three MonthsWhatcha doin' Mom?

My hands are the coolest things ever! Three things I want for Miller's future:

- a love relationship with the Lord

-a deep friendship with his big brother

-a sweet and generous spirit

My Sweet Miller, Oh how Mama loves you! You are a bundle of sweetness. Your innocence and joy points me towards the Father. Who I thank often for the blessing he gave me in you. I love getting to spend time with you and watching you grow in strength, cognition and personality everyday. I cannot wait to see the man you grow into. I love you,Mom

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