Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Auburn Alabama Game

I got nervous about this game the minute the Georgia game was over. In the hour leading up to kick off I was literally a ball of nerves. Yes, I understand it is just football. But this is Auburn, undefeated, and I have a lot of hope! At the end of the first quarter some people had resigned that the game was over and Alabama would keep their at home win streak. Adam. Really? Calling game over at 21-0 with three quarters left to go? What kind of fan are you?? I had hope. And it prevailed.

Several weeks ago we were on our way to my parents house and a street over was a house with a recently rolled tree. Adam, with the glass half empty view, said, "that stinks." I however saw a huge Auburn flag hanging off the deck right behind the tree and we had just beaten LSU a few days before. I thought, "I wonder if that is their own little Toomer's Corner?" I can picture a family running out to roll their little tree in celebration. On Saturday I checked that house for the mini Toomer's. And sure enough it had been rolled again! I love it. Wish I had taken a picture. This one of the real tree will have to do.

Adam and I got SEC Championship Tickets for eachother for Christmas. And I am so excited to watch my Tigers in person. And see a little of this... up close.

Because I am All In. Just like this new billboard in Atlanta says...

Its been a magical season.What a great game to end it with. Now for the post season. I beilve in Auburn and LOVE IT!!!!! War Eagle!!!!!
These pictures are from google.com. (That's a joke. I always tell my students Google is not a source. Yet they always cite it. They came from The Birmingham News and The War Eagle Reader.)


Sally said...

I'm glad you posted a pic of a "rolled" tree, b/c I had NO idea what you were talking about. =)

lindseykennedy said...

WAR EAGLE! It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!!!