Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Thirty Four Month Old

I thought that since Miller is going to be getting frequent updates Noah could use one too.

Noah is two months away from being THREE! Wow. Does time fly.

When people ask me how Miller is doing and how things are going with two I say, "Fine. Things are good." , with a big smile I hope is convincing. The hardest thing about Miller as a newborn is Noah. Noah craves the full time one on one attention he has enjoyed for the past three years. And now he has to share it and its been a hard adjustment. For both of us. I really do want to play with him when he asks.

Noah is a wonderfully active, curious, smart, and cunning almost three year old. He has a huge imagination and is always creating games to play with his cars from parking them to racing them on "oval" mud racetracks. (Or the living room rug) But he wants you do do these things with him. Now. He is not at all patient. (I don't expect him to be but once and I awhile I could use some patience on his part.) He is stubborn and a little on the willful side. When I play cars with him I am told which car to play with and what it says and does. I get this feeling of deja vu as I am taken back to playing with a two year old Emily. But if Noah turns out half as kind and patient as his Aunt Emily is today I will be grateful!

Noah currently has a little skin/ staff like infection that apparently is really running amuck in Ttown. He was the fourth patient to come in with it the day we went to the doctor. He is so tolerant of discomfort and pain that he doesn't complain about it (until its time to clean it).

He is desperate for a haircut. Last time she didn't blend in the top very well and it is grown out FUNKY. I am scared to take him in because I am not sure how it can be fixed.

To maintain our sanity and keep him occupied with something other than Little Bear and Diego I have restarted preschool. I just follow his school theme and letter of the week and supplement. This week is bears. We sorted gummy bears and made a bear with coffee grinds. And checked out bear books from the library. Today we will work on the letter F.

His current obsession is birthday parties. They have cake there. He asks every morning if it is his birthday. Soon Noah. Not to you but to soon for this mom. My baby is growing up!

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Emy said...

see? i helped prepare you for motherhood ;) (and thanks for the compliment, too).