Monday, September 27, 2010

The Baby's Eyes Are Blue and other Random Thoughts

The weather finally is fall like! I love it. Miller and I went outside to enjoy it and take some pictures. I think the boy is going to have blue eyes. It took him a while to warm up to the photo shoot.

Some thoughts bouncing around in my head lately:
1. I was reading a book last night (I read while nursing.) and a mother was talking about her grown daughter and explaining how she just wouldn't listen to wisdom, or take her suggestions, or follow advice even though she knew better. And the other character says, "Gives you perspective on how God feels when we want to do things our own way."
2. I was in the car and this line of a song really stuck out to me, "We breathe to give Him glory."
3. There have been moments in the past seven weeks where I feel like I have laid myself bare for this house. Given my physical, emotional, and creative energy to taking care of the boys and the laundry and trying to show them love. And in return I want to be loved and praised. To made to feel special. How utterly selfish. I live to serve. That is why I am here. To serve others and bring glory to God. He longs for my praise in the same (but in a Holy way) way I long for the praise of my husband and children, and He did way more than the laundry! How He deserves my praise! And how much I need a dose of humility.
4. I am dying to fill up my closet with colorful cardigans(from Old Navy) like Mr. Rodgers. I think it is the combo of mom/teachers. Maybe they are my version of holiday sweaters of my elementary teachers. This one says, "Sit on my porch with me and drink a cup of tea in this fall weather." This one says, "Hello sunshine!" I want to wear it with bright flats and maybe one of those headbands from Etsy with the cloth flowers. This one says, "I may have two boys but I am still a girl." This one begs to be worn with comfy jeans. This one wants to be worn in the classroom with black pants and sensible heels. This one wants to be worn with a fall skirt and boots. I can't help it. I can't resist the cardigan.

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Emy said...

what a cute baby =)

the last random thought is really funny, and very you. i can picture you wearing them/showing them off.