Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Radio

Friday I was driving to Birmingham with the boys and Finebaum must have taken a sick day to rest up for the kickoff of football this week and it was flashback Friday on 93.7, 80's gospel isn't my cup of tea. So I was flipping through the radio stations hoping to find something decent to listen to when I heard Tim McGraw's "The Next Thirty Years". I was immediately taken back to St. George Island in the car with Laura, I was seventeen, this CD was new and we were wearing it out. I am turning thirty in just a couple of months and I am quite nostalgic about it. I have had a great first thirty years. I am grateful for so many friendships that I am taking with me into my next thirty years. It may have been a few years since Leslie and I pulled a prank on Lauren, or since Stacy and I posed for a big/little sis Zap, or since Taylor and I were accountability partners, or since Susan and Emily I wrote mail to each other at Kamp, or since I listened to Cabaret in Lindsey's car, or since Laura and I made a Krispy Kreme run, or since Laudan and I made brownies just to eat the mix, or since Megan and I shared a bathroom in our duplex, but I know they are still there as my friends. And I am so blessed that trucks, race cars, onsies and date nights are building new memories for my next thirty years. What will they be like and how can I impact my sons' first thirty years? I love that song! (It was followed by a Keith Urban love song. Mmm. Dreamy. )

On the way back to Tuscaloosa Saturday I was tuned back in to WDJC and heard "If I Were Jesus" by Paul Coleman. In the chorus he sings this, " "I'll forgive you and adore you while I'm hanging on your cross." That line gets me everytime. I struggle with unforgiveness. I can hang on to hurt like no other. As a sensitive person I get my feelings hurt a lot. I get disappointed and let down and twist it and overthink it until I convince myself that this look or remark means this person hates me or thinks I am stupid. As I am singing along to this line I think, "Wow, Lord. How many times have done things or said things that hurt You? (Of course God isn't as sensitive as I am.) With my indifference or ways I failed to acknowledge or see Your work in my life. And not only did You forgive me but YOU ADORE ME! Adore me. While you were paying for me sins. " Isn't that just insane when you really start thinking about it??

I am so thankful for music and how it can speak to me.

I am including some pictures because I know that is people want, or at least the grandparents!

Some Brotherly love. Kind of. Miller wanted to show you his new Bebo! (Sandra Boyton is one our favorite authors.)Some may call it gas but I call it a smile! (He's gonna grow into his nose, right:) )


Anonymous said...

Carrie - Thank you so much for this post!! It completely speaks to what I have been dealing with this past week. I love your transparency and you are such an inspiration to me. ~Somer

Catie said...

Your pictures of Miller are precious! I can't believe I once had tiny munchies. And we LOVE LOVE LOVE Sandra Boyton too!