Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The First Day of Zone Defense

Since Miller was born we have been playing man to man defense. Meaning one adult to each child. Sometimes we had a hockey like Power Play. But yesterday it was me playing zone. Which can be complicated when you have to pump after every feeding.

Despite my nerves Noah was on his best helpful behavior. He played cars and watched Little Bear and would kiss Miller and check on him every so often. He didn't get into too much. Only once when I was hooked up to the pump and Miller was crying in his bed did I hear Noah pulling things out of the fridge and I had all sorts of images in my mind. But when I made it into the kitchen he was sitting on the tile floor drinking juice from his sippy cup he had retrieved.

The day was going so well I was able to pick up the house. Some of my sweet friends from Auburn were coming to visit and bring us dinner. I lived with these girls on "the Hall" and needed to pick up a bit so they didn't walk in my house and have flashbacks to our dorm room. I even got to do some laundry, which is good. Its a wifely thing to do to make sure that your husband has clean underwear.

In the afternoon they were actually asleep at the same time. It was like a defensive touchdown. I got to take a shower! I had the shampoo in my hair (which is only my first step in the shower routine) when I heard , "Mommy I need new clothes. I put these in the wash." This is code for I pee peed in my clothes. From what I can tell he had no bottoms and his shirt was wet. I didn't even want to know the logistics of how that happened.

Needless to say I was never so excited to see Adam walk through the door!

I really enjoyed getting to visit and catch up with Lauren, Leslie and Stacy. Noah was thrilled to have company and flirted up a storm. And Miller did his best to be adorable.

And as our reward Miller slept for a four hour stretch! Overall the day wasn't too bad for our first try. Day two was not as successful. Our doctor's visit did not go as well we wished. Miller has an eye infection that will require prescription eye drops four times a day. He only gained five ounces. So the pediatrician wants him to eat every two and a half hours. It is already hard to wake him up to eat after three hours. I was a little disheartened and frustrated. Noah was not in the best mood. The highlight was when Jennifer and Brooke showed up to play with Noah and steal Miller so I could pump and take a shower. I am so thankful for my friend and neighbor! I am hoping that tomorrow gets better. I think I just need a refill on patience and God's grace. Being a mom is my dream come true even this sleepless part :)


Laura said...

CONGRATS!! you made it! love you lots!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You did great! I wish I could be there.
Love, MIL