Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Homecoming

Thursday around lunchtime we were released from the hospital and got to bring Miller home! We picked up Noah and Charlie from Mimi and Papa's and shared some yummy lunch. We made it home and Noah was really excited to show Miller his room. Jennifer and Brooke came over to meet Miller before going out to celebrated Jennifer's birthday. Our friends Thomas and Dusti came over and shared dinner with us. And we started our new life as a family of four!

Miller is doing well breastfeeding and sleeping. His bili rubin is climbing and we have made several trips for blood work and weight checks. Tomorrow is the cut off. If it doesn't start dropping then he will have to be admitted to the hospital Peds Ward for light therapy. We are feeding, feeding, feeding and sitting in sunlight. And PRAYING.

We are loving having him home in our arms and getting into a routine.

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