Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Big Brother

Noah is a fantastic big brother. He is doing so well with his new role in the family. He loves Miller and always asks where he is. He wants to help change his diaper. He loves to say goodnight and give him kisses. Today we were at the lab at the hospital getting a blood check for Miller. The nurse gave Noah half a box of band aids and he immediately picked one out to share with Miller. I am so thankful for that the time being non of his insecurities towards Noah. I am so thankful for his evident love for his baby brother.

I am not claiming in any way that things are going perfectly. Noah has lots of emotional outbursts. Over tiny things. His relationship with me is very hot and cold. Loves me then doesn't want me near him. I am trying not to let it bother me. Trying.

Tomorrow is Noah's first day of school. I am hoping that this will be a big help to his mood swings, getting positive attention from somebody else.

I think they kind of look alike. You think?

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