Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Two Week Old

I went to bed last night very pregnant and uncomfortable and this morning I woke up at 4am to feed a two week old!! At least that is what I feel like. Time has flown by. I have been soaking in every instant of newborn-ness. Like the little tiny feet and the sweet smell. Soft hair. I am just so in love with our littlest man.

Miller is a sweet baby thus far. He cries if: he is starving, wet through and through or if he needs someone to hold him. He loves to be swaddled. I think he's a good sleeper if we we weren't waking him up every three hours to eat. (Tomorrow is his two week appointment and hopefully he has gained enough weight to let him stretch out his sleep at night.)

Speaking of eating I am breastfeeding. I didn't get this far with Noah and so far besides having Mastitis things are going well. When things didn't work out with Noah, I was heartbroken. There were lots of tears in the days that followed the decision to give up hope of breastfeeding. And even times in the first year of his life I would get sad about it. But formula definitely had its advantages and Noah is on track development wise emotionally, physically, and mentally. So with Miller I wasn't set on it. I wanted to give it a try but if it didn't work out that would be fine. Adam, remembering the many tears shed, thought this was a cover up of my real feelings. And maybe it was. I developed Mastitis on Thursday and was in pain and very sad. But I was stubborn to push through it since things were working so well. I am on antibiotics and until they run their course I have to pump after every feeding. This adds a considerable amount of time to the process. But it has done wonders for my supply and provided us with a freezer full of breastmilk. While I am truly enjoying breastfeeding Miller I am starting to feel a little weary as if it is all I am doing these days. But it is time during the day and night it is just the two of us. He nurses seven to eight times a day. Since we had to supplement due to his jaundice he takes a bottle like a champ and Adam takes one of the night feedings so I can put more than two hours of sleep together. He has a bad nursing period every once in a while where he gets downright mad. He'll be stubborn and take a lot of convincing to get him to nurse. Mostly this occurs when he has been woken up from sound sleep.

I have a couple of names for Miller. One is Piglet. Because he he eats all the time and makes the cutest sounds all the time. And he is pink and wrinkly and long and skinny like Piglet on Winnie the Pooh. (I know I am a mean mom.) The other name is Itsy. Because he is Itsy Bitsy.

Miller has a brother who just loves him. He wants to check on him all the time. He brings him race cars and is the paci monitor. Although he can be a little forceful when putting it back in his mouth. Noah gives kisses to Miller frequently. He always wants to know where Miller is and what he is doing. He is already keeping a watch over his baby brother.

We have been completely spoiled by our mothers who have both come to take care of us. And by our friends and neighbors who have brought us yummy dinners and more baked goods than a family should consume in two weeks. We have loved every calorie.


jennifer said...

sooo sweet! I don't think piglet is mean! i think it's sweet and cute!!! he is so snuggly! he will be so big by the time I get to see him. It does fly by...i used to go ugggg when moms say, it flies, enjoy newborn stage...now i understand...I am sooo happy to hear noah is being a doll! i can't wait to see that in person!

Anonymous said...

Miller is a sweetie! Sometimes the second one really is because you are more relaxed.
I love piglet! He is the sweetest character in the stories. He says the cutest things. He reminds me of Noah.
I loved my stay but it was not long enough.
Kiss those boys for me.
Love, Nana