Friday, July 2, 2010

The Stripes

When I was pregnant with Noah my mom and Adam gave in to a lot of my whims, which included painting stripes and polka dots in the nursery. I love those stripes. I love Noah's nursery. I have so many memories of joy and deep moments of prayer in that room. When we found out we were pregnant with number two we had many discussions as to how to rearrange to fit new baby into the house. We knew we'd be losing the guest room. We settled on creating a completely new room for Noah and making a big deal out of it. Miller would use most of Noah's baby furniture including my beloved green rocker. But I did want to paint and change up some of the deco. Part of that was to create new memories in Miller's room and not always having it be Noah's old room. That meant losing the stripes.

Adam took off several days this week to work on the boys' rooms. Wednesday night we were in bed talking about the progress and plans for the next two days and we realized that Noah was spending the last night in his crib! I didn't even have time to get all emotional about it! Adam got up earlier than me and took pictures of Noah in the crib for the last time because he knew I would want it documented.

I was sad about it but not as sad as I expected. I loved getting in bed with Noah to read stories and snuggle. Its a new chapter for us. Noah has done so well in the big boy room. He did ask if he could take a nap in his "black bed" (crib). And when I explained that Daddy was painting in there he got a little sad. It nearly broke my heart.

The stripes are now gone as Adam adds the second coat. To me it feels very official. Noah is a big boy. And we are having a baby.


Anonymous said...

There were some happy times in that sweet room! I am thankful Noah is growing and changing to go into his big boy room! Every stage of a child's life so special. There will be happy times in the big boy room too! Love, Nana

Mom said...

Thank you so much for this pictorial post! (GREAT pics, Adam!). I have been excited about Noah's big boy room and am so enjoying him and all the new things he says and does that I, too, was too busy to look back and get teary-eyed and sentimental about the nursey being painted over. It was good to look back for a few minutes and to remember him as a little bity baby. O.K.....sniff...moving on...can't wait to see both new rooms soon!

jennifer said...

i just cried reading this...he is getting so big and I am so excited to meet miller!