Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Cute Things He Says

For Noah's sake it is a good thing he is so cute! My parents used that line on me well into my twenties. Now I really understand. Noah is both a rascal and utterly adorable. After our frustrating day I thought I'd take the time to record some of the cute things he says and does. More for my own piece of mind and memory.

"Mommy, you remember when we talked about Jesus and thunder? He is always with me. He wants to be my friend. He wants to play race cars with me."

"You remember where my favorite is?" - referring to his favorite racecar

At my OB appointment Monday.....

- giving a you know what sample- "Mommy I so proud of you. You get a prize!"

- After I got my finger pricked- Holding up his finger to the lab tech, "My turn."

Noah can be quite polite saying things like, "Can you come here please for a minute mommy?" Or saying sorry if he bumps into you or steps on your foot. Sometimes he even follows up with a hug.

He is very curious and says things like, " What does ketchup mean?" or "What starts with dog?"

When he doesn't want to do something he usually says, " I can't. Maybe later."

He uses possessives instead of plurals. Likes Spotses to mean his three Spots. It's too cute to correct right now. I'll let his teacher do that ;)

God is teaching me some more lessons on weakness and humility in these last weeks of pregnancy. He is breaking a part any pride I might of had as a mom and showing holes in my patience and cracks in my vessel. And I am so thankful that He will show his strength through my times of weakness. That at the end of the summer Noah will still feel loved, will be potty trained, will learn more and more and sweet little Miller will be in my arms. I will still be wishing for more than three hours of sleep strung together, I will still get frustrated with acts of disobedience, and I will still be counting to ten as I pray for patience with accidents and mood swings of a two year old. And I will still love both of my boys with my whole heart and marvel at how adorable they are as God teaches me that having one train of thought (frustration, need for patience, weakness) doesn't mean you can't have the other at the same times (love and gratefulness for the gift children are.) I am most thankful that perfection isn't a job requirement for mothering!

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