Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Countdown

On the right is a blue and brown countdown to Miller's birthday. I picked a day in between the two due dates floating around. Do you see that is says 46 days???? Yikes! I am kind of freaking out. Luckily the Calvary is coming today to help me get some things done. Calvary as in my sisters. They are coming to help build some shelves, put a bed together, wash baby clothes, and be a sounding board for some creative projects. But between us we have a two year old, six month old, and two month old. Not sure how much we will really get done but at least we will have fun doing it :)

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Mom said...

The thought of the three of you, with your three babies, working together to get ready for baby #4 makes my heart happy beyond words! I wish I could have a hidden camera. Oh wait! What am I thinking? You are my daughters! There will be more then one camera recording all the action!
The "Calvary Charge" may sound a little different then it used to.....