Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Texas Trip

On Friday we headed out on the road to Texas to meet Aubrey Kate Evans! When undertaking a four state road trip I have one piece of advice.... take Nana! We were so blessed to have Nana with us. She spoiled all three of us and made sure we were all taken care of. Noah did really well on Friday. We went all day, stopping every hour and a half and walking around for fifteen to thirty minutes. We saw a lot of different gas stations and rest stops.Some of them were forgetable but a few we found full of character and very entertaining. If you ever find yourself in the middle of nowhere Louisiana stop by this gas station/casino duo. Noah and I both were okay until dinner. We stopped about every forty five minutes after that to stretch and we had to bribe Noah to get back in the car with gummy bears. But it was all worth it when we arrived at Robin and Chris' door and were greeted by Aubrey Kate! We spent the next three days just simply hanging out and getting to know the newest addition. AK is a sweet little baby. She has a great tempermenent and it is so sweet the way her parents simply adore her! We did take Noah to a nearby park to run off some of his extra energy. He loved it! We decided based on the last four hours of the trip in to split our trip out into two days. We the night in Ruston Louisiana. Noah had an adventure and had a spend the night party in Nana's hotel room. He loved every minute. Our return trip went smoothly. We stopped at the Mississippi welcome center in Vicksburg to admire the Mighty Mississippi River and stretch of course :) This afternoon it was clear Noah was finished with the car ride but his whining faded when he was reunited with all his racecars and his Brooke. We had a great trip and look forward watching Aubrey Kate grow!


Laura said...

i thought about you guys on your travels! SO glad to see that you had fun and a safe trip. LOOK at baby miller growing! KILLS me that i have not seen you and your growing belly. we must fix that asap. seriously.

jennifer said...

AK is beautiful! so gladNana went and all went well! Proud of Noah!!!