Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Regression

I knew it was too good to be true. Things were going just too well. It started with pee pee on the bathroom floor. On purpose? Not making it on time? Who knows. But twice in a row? Then came this afternoon.

Noah's big boy room is under major construction. It has been painted and toys and books have been moved in. Adam is currently sanding and staining his big boy bed. So right now it is open and full of toys. Noah likes to play in there. This afternoon I was relaxing on the couch after a very very short nap by Noah which meant Miller and I didn't get to take our usual siesta. Noah was playing cars and decided to go play in his big boy room. I was happy because I have been trying to get him to play on his own more and more. He shut the door, and I should have gone right then to check on what he was doing in there. But I am tired and sore and just didn't. I listened carefully and could hear him laughing and talking to his racecars. Fifteen minutes or so later I did get up to check .....

"I pooped and peed in the potty! Look!"

He pointed in the corner of the room. That is not a potty!

"And in the dumptruck! I get a prize!"

The adorable little rascal had pooped in his dumptruck. IN THE DUMPTRUCK. Really? There are no prizes given for creativity or aim.

I think its safe to say we may have taken a step or two back.


Beth Goff said...

I totally understand... Anderson has regressed too because we have to put him in a pull up at the gym and at church... makes it confusing for him and I CANNOT get him to poop in the potty at all!!! BRIBING DOES NOT WORK!!!!

Laura said...

...half credit for DUMPtruck?! crass, yes! but WAY better than your closet right!? love you