Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The First Day of Summer

Yesterday was the first day of my seven month summer/leave of absence.

What did I do to celebrate?
8 loads of laundry, tried to get rid of a migraine with just Tylenol, loaded and ran and unloaded the dishwasher, chased my naked two year old through the front yard, I read the same story nine times and wrangled the wiley two year old into bed.


I didn't hear one cuss word or have to plead for people to be quiet so I could teach, or tell anybody to pull up their pants or to go to office and call home because leggings don't count as pants.

I got to read a book and take a nap. I also got to laugh, tickle and enjoy my quickly growing little boy and I enjoyed it immensely. I really enjoy him. I of course love him but I truly enjoy his little personality. He is funny and curious. He obeys most of the time and responds with , "okay my mommy". He also love to tell you how much he loves you. Who can complain about that?

This picture doesn't have anything to do with this post but look how cute! My mom took this in her garden a few weeks back. Charlie is such a good dog!

I am excited about being primarily responsible for our home and family without the distraction physically and emotionally by school. I just wish I could hire someone to pick up and clean it one really good time. I think I could maintain things really well :) I just find it hard to bend down and get under and in between things these days.

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