Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Brothers

Noah is a constant source of joy, energy, love, frustration, exhaustion, cuteness, wonderment, did I say love??

This afternoon I was just enjoying watching him play in the sandbox and using his sweet developing imagination. Miller's sweet little movements got me thinking about the two of them together. I could see them running around the yard together chasing Charlie. I got a little sentimental.

After stories Noah was in my lap and we usually talk about his Big Boy room or bed. You know easing into the idea of transfer. Tonight he patted my belly and said, "Miller's in there?" I told him, "Yes, do you want to talk to him?" Noah leaned down and said, "Goodnight Miller." Then Noah talked some more about his Big Boy room and bed. He asked me, "Who will sleep in there?" as he pointed to his crib. I told him Miller would sleep there. He looked up at me and smiled. "I seep in there too. With Miller."

It was the sweetest thing. I know they will fight. I know they will get into trouble together. But I can't help thinking about the sweet moments to be shared between them. I can see my crazy little Rover who is turning day by day into a little boy protecting his little brother and teaching all about racecars and dinosaurs.

Thank you God for my little boys. I love them so much! As much as I wonder if I am really cut out to mother boys I am so blessed and blown away again and again by the love I feel for both of them! Thank you!

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