Friday, May 14, 2010

The Neighborhood Block Parties

Down the street on the corner lives one of our football coaches. He stopped me in the hall the other day and asked me when the block party started tonight. I was confused. Block party? He said it seems like y'all are out there with the kids every evening. I laughed. It is true. On our street there are 11 kids under four and three more babies on the way that regularly play outside together until the sun goes down. I love it. We share toys, Popsicles, treats like MB's homemade ice cream she shared last week, band aids, Benedryl, hugs, kisses, tears, swings, balls, bikes and lots and lots of laughter. I am so thankful for these moms and dads and their children. What wonderful memories of childhood we are building in those kids!

Last night I was coming home around sevenish from getting a haircut and color done. I round my corner and see seven children half of them in nothing but diapers and parents out in MB's yard. The kids are having an absolute blast running through the sprinkler. Their pure simple joy was contagious. And made feel twenty pounds lighter!

The pictures are bad so use your imagination.

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LJM said...

precious. what sweet memories in the making.