Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Weekend of Nephews and a Niece

Wow. What a busy week capped by a busier weekend! Prom is a short three weeks away. It is not nearly as stressful as last Spring. We have scaled things back and our location does not require much decoration. I think my lower stress level might have something to do with my intern Brandi who is doing a great job! I don't worry about much which allows me to work on prom and other extra responsibilities at school. This week's afternoons and evenings were filled speaker's forums, meetings, baseball games, Mom's Night Out, and preparing for our weekend. (My blood pressure remained pretty reasonable during the week and I kept my feet up during the down moments.) Saturday we had a full schedule. On the calendar were a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt, three birthday parties, and a shower for my sister Jenny and my niece Lillie which I was helping to host. We had to pick and choose what was possible for us. We had to go to Birmingham for the shower, so the Easter Egg Hunt and one of the birthday parties we sent regrets to. I went to the shower while Adam and Noah attended the 1st Birthday Party of this little cutie. I was sad to have to miss out. But I loved getting to celebrate Jenn and my Lillie! Later that evening we went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate my nephew Michael's 8th Birthday.Before that crazy adventure I managed to squeeze in a thirty minute nap on the hammock with my sweet nephew Xander. He is a sweet little cuddle bug! Then it was on to Chuck E Cheese where we waited in line for an hour to get in. Mike of course had a blast. Noah took a little bit to warm up but pizza and ice cream cake were all he needed. Then he was on to the rides and Ski Ball with Mom and Dad. Noah even earned enough tickets to pick out a race car prize. Then we went and rested up at Nana and Puddin's. We had a great weekend with family and are gearing up for a wonderful spring week of celebrating our Savior!!

I had so many pictures from our weekend and they are in reverse order! Enjoy!

Noah helped me out with the Ski Ball. Interesting. Ever tried to beat your husband at Ski Ball with a two year old as a partner? Please notice his ball :)

Noah did not enjoy his train ride with Barney. He quickly vacated his turn, it wasn't wasted there was an opportunistic four year old who hopped right on.

Noah could not wait to eat the pizza!

There is the mouse himself.

The birthday boy enjoying the day!

Noah being a little overwhelmed

Jenny is not enjoying Chuck E Cheese as much as the kids.

My afternoon napping partner!

Gerber Daisies and monograms to celebrate Lillie!

Food set up and cupcake tree

This is the diaper cake I made. I was really nervous about it but it turned out better than I thought!

Adorable presents for Jenny and Lillie!
Hope everybody enjoyed their weekends!

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LJM said...

PHEW!! what a weekend! put those feet up! 1.when did michael grow up!? 2.LOTS of love to Lillie and Jenny!
3.i miss you!!