Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Things I Haven't Been Talking About

This morning I was re-reading past entries and noticed there were a couple of big things and small things that I didn't mention on the blog.

#1- Last month I turned twenty-nine. You can guess why I didn't dwell on this event. My family and friends were all really sweet but Miller and I had a really bad day together. I threw up five times. Twice at school, which I NEVER do. Maybe it was just the fact that I don't really relish the idea of being twenty-nine. Or thirty. What I did love wass how special Adam made me feel. Gifts aren't really his love language but he sent flowers to school, brought me my favorite take out, and gave me relaxation themed gifts that included a spa gift card. You can't really ask for more. Well besides keeping down my birthday meals :)

#2- The gun at school. Yeah, you read it right. Two weeks ago a student brought an unloaded gun to school. It really wasn't as big of a deal as the media made it to be. He had it in his pants. He bragged about it to the wrong friend who told our school resource officer and within five minutes (seriously, I am not fibbing on that one) he was in custody. Not until he was wrestled to the ground by three officers and knocked over my overhead, projector and computer monitor. Don't worry I wasn't in my room. I was testing in another part of the building and didn't even know about it until afterwards. Then the adminstration put the school on lockdown to sweep for other weapons. None were found. I never felt unsafe and most of the kids were unruffled. Of course it landed us on the front page of the paper. Not really the way we wished. A couple of days later a student was caught at another high school in the community with a gun, cartridge, and drugs around lunchtime (not 8:05 like us) and they got a blurb in the middle of the paper. I was more upset by that than the gun itself. It is concerning that these youths feel that a gun is their only resort to solve issues or protect themselves. It is another peice of evidence that our youth are in trouble and need our serious prayers! It seems to be more and more common.

#3- Lately I have been feeling very crafty. I got out my sewing machine and my mom gave me a strater lesson. This weekend I am going to make some cute dish towels for practice before making Noah some shorts and then hopefully I will work on making dresses for my two neices this summer. And a dog bed for Charlie. And some pillows. And maybe curtains for Noah's big boy room. I have also been saving EBay gift cards and I am now the owner of a Cricut Create Machine. It should be here soon. It is an awesome machine that cuts out letters and shapes from .5 to 11.5 inches tall and up to 6 inches wide. I am hoping to use it to finish up Noah's baby book, making some cards, some decorative accents for the house, and maybe some holiday garland and banners.

#4- I love March Madness!! I have been looking forward to it for weeks. I am so happy it has started. I am actually on the couch (with my feet up, swelling and BP) watching basketball! I have two brackets one I call safe and one that is risky. So far I have already lost one of my elite eight teams and a second round team and they have only finished three games. (I didn't say I was good at it, jist that I enjoyed it!)

There you go. Now you know everything!

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