Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Age?

Noah is really Jekyll and Hyde these days. One minute he his throwing tantrums and the next he is sweet as can be. He will throw his plate on the floor and then say please and thank you for more juice. He will be skipping through the kitchen happy as a clam and then throw himself on the floor heartbroken because Charlie looked at his ball. Through it all he remains adorable in is mother's eyes. Today I have just fallen more in love with the little boy of mine whose personality is growing and growing. A few stories:

We were in the car and he began pointing out cars and trucks. There were too many and he started singing, "car,truck,car,car... too many mommy. Where are they going? To see their families? To the store? To Target?"

At nap today I said , "Night night Noah I love you." He answered, "Okay mommy. I love you too Mommy."

I bought him a bubble wand at Michael's and gave it to him in the car because it would pacify him but I knew he couldn't open it without my help. "Mommy we need scissors please."

Driving in the car Noah pointed out some blooming trees and said, "what do those trees look like mommy?" To which I replied, "They have little white flowers." Noah said, "I want to eat those flowers. Can I eat them mommy?" "No. They are yucky. They will make your tummy feel yucky." To which he replied, " Cookies don't make my tummy feel yucky. Cookies make my tummy feel good. They have cookies in Target Mommy."

"Guess what Noah?" "I love you?" I guess I say that a lot!


danajk said...

SO sweet! Isn't every day a new adventure??

Love your stories!

Jana said...

:) :) :) micah does the SAME thing when i say, "guess what?!" he'll get this sweet smile on his face, change his tone, and say, "i yuuuuv youuuu!" :)

and he definitely talks about going to target all the time. and when we pull into the walmart parking lot he gets upset, saying "no walmart, mama . . TARGET!!"

Carrie said...

Well apparently everything good comes from Target!

Mimi said...

TARGET...........the source of all good things...cept love!