Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Change of Plans

Tonight I was hoping to reveal whether I would be painting the nursery navy or bright pink. But there has been a change of plans. And I blame mostly a boy in my third period that we will call Brandon who came to school very sick and doesn't really know the boundaries of personal space. At one a.m. I threw up, Not unusual. Although I haven't thrown up at night in weeks, usually just in the morning. I didn't think much about it. Dinner just didn't sit right. In an hour and a half I thrown up twice more. Okay, maybe I'm excited about the ultrasound. By seven a.m. I had thrown up an estimated ten times and had conceded to the fact that a) I had a virus and b) I was not going to see this baby today. I had to cancel my appointment. I did want to bring this awful bug to a waiting room full of pregnant women nor could I lift my head off my pillow or imagine making it to Birmingham. Could they bring the ultrasound machine to me?? I threw up a couple more times and eventually kept down some Sprite and a Phenegren. I feel a little better just weak like I threw up a dozen or so times. I am very disappointed. This pregnancy is very real to me because it has been physically more challenging than Noah's but emotionally it is not as real. I was ready for today to put a sweet little face with a sweet little name and buy something special in pink or blue preferably with some initials on it and begin to dream about a real little person who will share our lives in a few months.

Please pray for Adam and Noah. Noah had a stomach bug about a week ago. I am not sure that we had the same one since it was so far apart. Adam has been working very hard this week on a special section for the paper and has been working looonnnggg hours, coming home to help with dinner, bath and bed and then returning to the office. Add to it little sleep because his wife kept making running trips to the bathroom every forty five minutes and we have a very tired man. A saint. But a tired saint. I really don't want him to come down with this.

I am nervous to say that we rescheduled the appointment for tomorrow for fear that I will jinx it but tomorrow is now the new day. Hopefully I will be able to tell you paint colors and share some sweet pictures of Miller.


danajk said...

I am so so sorry that you are sick! But I am so glad that you took a minute to post. I have been stalking your blog ALL DAY because I knew that today was the day! Can't wait to hear the good news - about the baby AND that you are feeling better!

lindseykennedy said...

Oh Carrie! The same thing happened to me while I was pregnant. I woke up throwing up violently until the morning. It wasnt' the same day we were to find out the sex, but this story just brought back mems. I still don't know what happened to me. I hope you find out today though!