Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The New Seven Year Old

A few days ago Miller man celebrated his seventh birthday. It seems like my counting or the dates or something must be off. There is just no way he is really seven.
This year he finished up his second round of Kindergarten with Mrs. Sullivan. I was so pleased and surprised by the way he persevered. He grew so much. Our choice for him was confirmed again and again, 

This year we surely saw more and more of his personality pop out. He definitely knows what he likes and what he doesn't! He is full of humor and sunshine. And his stubborn streak will one day serve him well. 

 He LOVES playing basketball and through practice and observation he has gotten himself a sweet little shot.
 Thankfully for his mama he still give a fierce hug and great snuggles. His giggle and smile light up the room.
This year Miller has really grown in his awareness of Jesus and God. He asks wonderful questions and says the sweetest prayers. It was been sweet to watch his love for the Lord grow. 

There were so many times this year when I made an assumption about Miller and how he would react to things to be proven wrong by his choices and actions. Evidence that he is growing braver and more and more his own little person. It makes me pause and appreciate every little hand hold and lap sit. As I know our days for those are numbered.

My dearest Miller,
Oh how I love you! Your daddy and I are so blessed to be your parents. You bring life to our family that sweetens and excites it. You have a passion that I look forward to watching as you grow. I sometimes wish I could pour a little confidence into you. My hope for you this year is for you to find a friendship that will bring you joy and sharpen your spirit. That the curiosity you feel about God will cause you to seek Him more. Ask more questions. Find more answers. We adore you buddy and look forward to another year of watching you become you more and more!
Love you so much,

Dear Father, 
You gave me and Adam a precious gift by choosing us to be Miller's parents. His spirit is both sweet and wild. He daily surprises me and daily he lifts my spirits by his joy, laugh, smile and silly personality. It isn't unknown to you that my heart is hurting watching these two boys grow older and bigger. And I thank you for the gift of Miller's affectionate nature. I pray he keeps it. As Miller gets older and his personality more distinctive I pray that he will be able to make some new friends this year. That you will bring to him a buddy who will grow along side him. I pray you continue to stir his heart towards you. That he will continue to ask about you and declare his love for you. I thank you that he is ultimately yours. That you are always available and perfect for Miller. Give Adam and I the wisdom to do what is best for Miller and to lead him closer to you. 

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