Monday, June 20, 2016

The Things I Don't Want to Forget From the Spring

Or a massive photo dump from the past few months :)
                                   My Baby Love, Jeremiah turned one! Precious little thing!
                                  Love these sweet pictures of my baby sister and her boys.
                                                           Cake is good. Real good.

                                    Celebrating their current youngest, Baby Girl coming this fall :)
                                                                Love him the most.
 We celebrated Easter in the Brown House Community with the Easter Thing. It was a little drizzly but the Red House porch provided a shelter for a yummy meal and fellowship.

 We missed our normal after Easter Service pictures on the Quad. So this is literally the only Easter picture I have with my kids.

The day before we had family over for an Easter Meal and Egg Hunt. I always love this tradition!
                                                                         Two little ones.
 Pretty Lillie! 
 Papa is a good sport. 

 Lillie enjoyed flying on the tie swing. 
                                           We loved our bunny ears Jenn brought us.
                                     We always love a good visit with Nana and Puddin!


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