Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Tire Swing

I have been absent from the blog for a bit. I can't really explain why. Life is not any more or any less busy than before. The best I can say is this... we changed our story line with our move. I never want to boast or dishonor or belittle or overblow or toot my own horn or ignore what we do here in our little Green House. So in my attempt to do that I didn't say anything. These are new waters and I will figure out how best to write about them.

The tire swing ....
Can you have a complete childhood without a tire swing?
Do you remember swinging? The feeling of freedom when your feet leave the ground? The air in your hair? A tire swing ramps up the danger and excitement.
We spent some sweet time on the tire swing in the yard with friends. As I spent time pushing the kids on the tire swing, I couldn't help but think about joy and faith. The pure delight on Miller's face as he flew back and forth made me think how Jesus delights in us and how much God enjoys us.

His love brings us freedom, like flying through the air with the wind blowing in your hair and feet far from the ground. We just have to trust in his strength, the rope we hold on to.

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