Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Holiday Catch Up

Is there anything more magical than kids and Holidays? From costumes and dress up to counting their sweet blessings to the anticipation of Christmas morning, special moments abound. We had days of food and cousins and fun and presents and games and plays and outdoors and indoors.

 We ate way too much. But we loved every bite. We especially loved the faces at the table and the conversations.
 Some of my favorite memories are the sweet cousins. On both sides the boys are blessed with the best little playmates. These are some seriously precious little people.
 There is something about a post Thanksgiving meal football game that screams tradition. A good one. I hope they always play it until that little one in his daddy's arms is playing quaterback with his own babies.

 Christmas card attempts create precious shots of moments in time that I'd like to freeze. I'd like to keep this precious little face frozen at five. His innocence and questions. His smile and the way I can still scoop him up into a bear hug.

 And then there is my Noah Boy. Handsome. Way too old. But still a child.

 So through all the rush and preparations and craziness that is the Holiday Season we tried to keep it real and be ourselves. And I tried to enjoy it all.

What it all really comes down to is love. Love for each other but most importantly the love of our Savior who was born to give us life. Abundant and eternal life. And I am so thankful for His love that I simply do not deserve. May I do better sharing it with others. 
 So from my little family to yours Merry Christmas! I hope it was warm and full of love.

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Sandra said...

Wonderful pics and beautiful memories! Thank you for capturing our moments of the holiday season in 2015.
Love you