Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Times Where it Isn't Enough

What do you do when you can't fix it? When people around you seem to be drowning in the overwhelm of life.... When world seems to be rotating too fast and the fears for the future a little too close to home.... Or when the ends don't quite seem to meet... Or things don't work out...and people's burdens seem too heavy? For the times when a kind word and smile don't seem like nearly enough? What do you do for others in hard times? It is easy to meet the physical needs if people. You can walk the extra mile or run an errand for a friend . It can be easy to drop a note in the mailbox or make a meal. You can watch the neighbor's kids for an afternoon or make the extra copies for the teacher. But what about the times when it isn't enough? When a band aide and a I'm sorry aren't enough to heal the hurt or to even distract from the pain? Where is my pixie dust and magic wand? When I find it hard to encourage and heal I cling to  Lord and his sweet promises. I buckle down and recharge my batteries to power the flashlight that I use to shine in the dark shadowy corners. A smile. A verse. A laugh. Physical help. A shoulder to lean on. An ear to listen. And prayers and more prayers and then some more. Join me in praying for the discouraged, the weak in spirit, the poor, the forgotten, the struggling. We all need a little encouragement as we fight together. Just remember the victory has already been won.
 This cross  some neighbors built in their backyard serves as an awesome reminder on walks/runs. 

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Anonymous said...

So true! We all need prayer and encouragement. My 'Martha' self wants to do something to fix it. So many times I could not. I could physically be there when possible, then I just had to lean on Jesus. Which He said was the best part.
You have a heart for others and Jesus Carrie. May He give you peace and joy as you touch others each day.