Sunday, August 10, 2014

The New Four Year Old

My Dear Miller,
Today you are four! Time passed by so very quickly. I remember going into labor with you and making the hour long trek to the hospital while I prayed for you and for me and for your brother in his new role. You arrived and we loved you right from the start.

You were tiny and precious and so full of life and potential. Your contagious joy has stolen many hearts and touched just as many. Your smile can bring me out of any cloudy mood.
This year you have grown in height and in knowledge and in love. You learned letters and counting and how to to do so many things by yourself. You are growing up too quick right before my eyes. But at the same time you are still little. Little enough to want to be held and cuddled and read to and protected. Your questions show that there is so much going on in that mind of yours waiting to burst forth.
My favorite thing about you this past year is getting to watch you develop a relationship with Jesus. Your prayers are precious and I love how you remind me to read the Bible to you or ask deep three year old questions. I look forward to watching this curiosity and wonder turn into a love relationship with your Savior. God created you with passion inside and can't wait to see how it is used to bring Him glory.

My hope for this year is the same as previous ones. I hope you feel how deeply your Daddy and I love you and that this love helps you feel secure as you navigate the world around you. I hope that God captures your heart early and that you are always thirsty to know Him well. I hope your Dad and I are never a hindrance to the path He has set before you and that we help guide you in the right direction. I hope you make good friends that make your life full of fun and adventures. Safe ones of course. I hope you and your brother become the best of friends. I hope you learn more about God's forgiveness and grace and unconditional love in the way I try to love you even when I fail to get it right. I hope you always know just how proud I am to be your momma.

The world is yours for the taking little man. Grab hold of it and charm it with that radiant smile of yours! I love you so much more than you know!

Love ,

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Sandra White said...

Perfect birthday for a special 4 year old!