Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Very First Date

This photo sits on my bedside table. It is the first photo of the two of us, taken on our very first date.  Eleven years ago today.

We had overlapping circles of friends. I would wait until midnight when the student newspaper, The Plainsman (of which he was the editor) would come out to get a copy in order to read his weekly editorial page. I always thought he was witty and cute. We had been flirting on and off for weeks and I had worked up the courage to ask him to my Fall Formal.

That night I was nervous and excited all rolled into one. I had on a borrowed brown strapless dress, I had help with my hair and makeup. I wanted everything to be just right.

Adam was different than I expected. Although I should have known he would be. He let me pay for dinner (Hamilton's steaks! I mean I did offer but a gentleman never lets a lady pay for dinner ;) ) , was a little awkward on the dance floor (not that I was an awesome dancer myself.), he took our job pretty seriously (I was on the leadership and was supposed to keep on eye on things so it didn't get out ). He was a little quirky but completely comfortable with himself. My head was saying"Are you sure?"  But my heart was sold.

Adam won me over. As he has done with many without even trying. Just by being Adam. Unintentionally humorous, slightly stubborn(I should pay for our dinner, I am the one who asked him;)Of  course this didn't come out until years later ), willing to do whatever needed to try to make me happy (the dancing), honest, grounded in his faith, intelligent, with a good heart.

Many things about us have changed in these past eleven years. Addresses. Last names. Dress sizes. Jobs. Children. Priorities. The way we spend our money. One thing is always the same. Adam is always beside me. I am so thankful for his love!


Anonymous said...

So sweet! Time has flown by, I can't believe it's been 11 years. Precious years. Adam is amazing and so are you! Love, Sandra

The Apel Family said...

I remember you stressing about asking him and you having so much fun at formal! It seems like so long ago! :)