Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Game Ball Moment

Noah wanted to play fall ball this year. My mother's heart was nervous. Noah has my athletic talent. Sorry, baby. All I wanted out of this season for him was a tiny moment of success. One of the most precious things about my oldest son is his innocence and optimism. And I didn't want that crushed in a season of fall ball.

As the mother of boys I watch all athletic events with a different heart and set of eyes. When a player on the field gets hurt and they show the mother in the stands, my heart aches. When a player makes a touchdown or has an amazing night I picture the pride of his mom and all the practices she took him to and sacrifices she made for him to be there. I in no way expect to be in the stands at a college game watching Noah break Bo Jackson's rushing record or Cam Newton's pass yardage. But I do hope and pray for a small moment of victory. I want him to feel the the rush of having all the work pay off for one happy moment. Even I had that. Ask me sometime about the three points I scored in an eighth grade basketball game. My only points ever. My friends, parents, teammates all went crazy. I will never forget it.

After prayer and practice Noah is still optimistic about his baseball career. And having a great time. He plays outfield and enjoys the freedom and distractions that brings. But he has made plenty of good catches/stops. He pays attention about 95% of the time. And he makes contact with the ball every game. And much like his mamma before him his favorite part of baseball is being on a team.

Last night he had a game. We had a crazy long day at school. I forgot something at school and had to go back. We couldn't find his glove. Because it was in Adam's car. We never did find his hat. We showed up at the park to meet Adam for the game about three minutes after the start. Needless to say I wasn't feeling very baseballish. Apparently Noah was.
With three generations of Jones men cheering for Noah in the stands, the White Sox got their second win of the season. Noah scored the tie breaking run in the last inning of play and a great game.
After the end of game prayer the coach gathered the players together for a short meeting.
Coach called Noah's name and asked him to come up......

And then he gave my sweet baby the game ball. THE GAME BALL Y'ALL. My. baby. Of course I cried. Just a little bit. Because that is his best memory to date, That is his taste of success. His joyful moment where all the practice and tracing patterns in the dust of the outfield came to mean something. And I got to see that on his sweet face.

And while it may be a small insignificant thing, a game ball during a six year old fall ball game, to my sports crazy little one it is the biggest moment of his life. And I do pray that it is the first of many small victories for Noah. And that this dirty baseball represents working for what you want. And getting it.


Mom said...

Sniff! You made me feel I was there. A big thanks and "Amen" to your mama prayer.

Anonymous said...

So amazing! I got teary too hearing the replay. i should add Mike's version was not as moving.
Team sports can be a true picture of life and I'm so thankful for this moment in time for him. You both have good attitudes about his playing and i'm sure that helped him too.
I don't know any of his coaches but they seem to have taught and encouraged Noah this season. We all want that for our children don't we?
Good job Noah! Nana loves you.

Papa said...

Papa is proud of you big guy.
team sports are great. We can all dream big and be part of a group. Thankfully you have a game ball moment to remember. Go Noah Go White Sox


danajk said...

What a sweet story! Way to go Noah!

Anonymous said...

It's great to share those moments with my grandson. Already had some of those great moments with his dad. I hope I can continue to be there for these moments with both the boys. I got to hug him and tell him how proud I was of him after the game and on the way home I thanked God for allowing me these moments with both the boys. They keep an old man felling young when you see things renewed through their eyes. I have seen that he is learneing and is really excited about being able to compete with the other boys and he is doing very good for the time he had been involved. I really enjoy watching football with him. He gets so excited even though he might not understand everything that is going on. Miller gets excited because Noah is excited. This Puddin gig ain't too bad.

jennifer said...

Awe...I finally got a minute to read always remind me to slow down and appreciate the "moment" with your stories....not sure what teared me up more....your post or reading his grandfather's comments!!!!! Love u! Great job, Noah! Love, your auntie wawoah