Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Things I Don't Want to Forget

Every night or rather every night we are playing outside and Adam pulls in the driveway the boys run to his car. The other day Noah sat in the driver's seat and buckled up. Hands on the wheel, he turns and looks at me, "Let's go. I'm ready to drive."

My heart almost stopped. Soon enough little buddy. Soon enough.
They are growing too quickly. Noah does homework. Miller does it "all by myself." Noah reads. READS. Miller says elephant the right way now. Noah eats lunch in the cafeteria. Miller uses the potty. (Most of the time.)

There are so many things about them this little I don't want to forget.

With Miller .....

I'll forget the not so accident accidents. The million times he says "No!Daddy do it"  and the hundred times we had to put him back in the bed last night.

But I'd like to hang on to the way his little hand feels in mine. And the beat of his heart against mine as I rock him one more song. The way he runs and holds his arms up to "hold you". I want to always remember the way his little voice sounds when he says "I love you." I want to keep the image of his little body asleep and curled up in the corner of my room, where he snuck in some point in the night. I want to never forget the way he says "mmmmmm" when he gives me a big hug. Or how proud he is off his scribbled coloring sheets when I pick him up from school.

With Noah....

I'll forget the battles over getting dressed and ready for bed. I'll forget the million years it takes to take a shower. Or the million snacks he eats after school.

But I'd like to hang on to the way he waves his hands when he gets excited. Or the way he runs to me with a big hug every time he spots me at school. I hope I can always remember his eagerness to read together and the way he asks for one more chapter. I hope I remember every taped/glued cut out colored creation he makes. And every delayed bedtime tactic.

I am so thankful for the amazing gift they are. I hope I don't forget that fact in the tired moments.

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danajk said...

Love this! I feel the same way. How can it go so fast??