Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Third Birthday

My Dearest Miller,
Today you are three! You my little man are joy in the body of a little boy. I love watching you experience life. And you do it all on your own terms. There is no rushing you into things (like talking or potty training), it is all on your own terms. Even from the day you born....
 Your reactions always surprise me. You can sometimes test my patience or make me wonder if I am parenting you right. But then your mega watt smile and laugh wash away all my impatience and doubts. You are such a little ball of happiness.
 Truly you are my sunshine on my cloudy days. God blessed me with you. And sometimes I think He did to remind me that life is to be lived full out and full of joy.
 You certainly have a mind of your own. Some might call you strong willed or stubborn. But sometimes when I really reflect on your personality I think you just are your own person and you are going to do it your own way on your own time. Kind of like your Daddy ;) But don't tell him I said so.
 For example, I worked with you all summer to potty train. I was nervous because you had to be trained to go to the three year old class at school. At first we were casual about it and then we were intense in a desperate sort of way. But you weren't ready. Then three days before starting your new class you said to me," I not go in that baby class. I go to Ms. Tracy's big class." You put on your underwear, went shopping and errand running all day with no accidents and still after a week back at school you are accident free. (At school ;) )
 When I was pregnant with you I was so worried I wouldn't be able to love you like I love our Noah. I just couldn't comprehend how my heart would grow and expand to envelop you both. Oh how I love you little man. I had no reason to fear.
 Some my favorite things about you are your adorable sense of humor, large imagination adoration for your big brother, your boundless affection. Your zest for life. It keeps me going.
 In this last year you have grown so much. Not so much physically as you are still a little man. But your vocabulary and understanding grows everyday. I love that we can now have full conversations and you can express to me what is going on in your head and about your day.
 You still weigh in just shy of 30lbs. Which I love because I can still scoop you up and carry you. Sometimes you can still be clingy. You have too many words to count. You know your colors. You love to be read to. Story time at bedtime is still my favorite time of day. Even though sometimes you insist "Daddy do it." Which I understand. Your Dad is pretty awesome.
 You are intense. It is all or nothing. People have been describing you this way since you were a baby. "Miller is so happy unless he is unhappy. Then he is really unhappy." I look forward to how your intensity develops as you grow.
 Your favorite food is chicken. Not any chicken but Chick A Lay. And you still love fruit pouches. You also love smarties and cookies. You can get a little messy.
 Your favorite toys are what ever Noah is playing with. Though recently you really like putting things in bag (or my old purses) and pretending to go places. You also like Toy Story. Which is funny because we have never watched at home.
 I think that maybe you may not end up a sweet lover. You will demolish an ice cream cone from time to time but sometimes you won't touch one. Again, so much like your Daddy.
 You love to be outside! Just like Noah. Every afternoon you like to be out front riding some kind of vehicle with our neighbors or cutting the grass with your lawnmower. I love that both you and Noah are building such great memories of playing in the neighborhood.
 Sometimes I look at you and think you might pop from the cuteness you exude. And it is my hope that your inside continues to reflect that outward adorableness.
 In this next year I know you will keep on growing, give away lots of big hugs and kisses, play hard, and learn so much.
 I also know that it is important that you learn through discipline as you test new boundaries. I pray that Adam and I can help you to grow into a Godly young man.
 I pray that others will be drawn to God by you and your love for life personality. I pray that you never lose that sense of wonder and that the Lord fills it with knowledge and wisdom. I pray that the memories you make will be strong and good. And that our home is warm and gives the protection, counsel, knowledge, love, truth and strength to go out and be a servant for Him. I pray that the truth I whisper to you every night I lay you in your bed,"Who loves you the most?" with your automatic answer "Jesus" is a truth so ingrained that you will know it in the deepest pockets of your soul. He delights in you. So much more than I do. And clearly I am totally in love my sweet boy!
Happy Birthday my Miller! Let us celebrate......


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! I love and adore you!
Love Nana

Mimi said...

So beautifully written to describe such a busy ball of delight! Little Mr Miller what joy you bring to your whole family. I never think of you without make lots of people smile a lot of smiles.Happy third Birthday to our third number three! Wouldn't be complete without you.
Love you so,