Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Kindergarten Struggle

I am an emotional mess over here. My Noah is heading off to Kindergarten in 19 days. I adored school from the start. It is why I became a teacher and why I am still a sucker for some school supplies. I want so bad for Noah to love school too!

Adam and I recently had to make a choice about Noah's school. Would he go to his neighborhood school or to my new school with me? Both schools have pluses and minuses. My school has a special program concentrating on math, science, engineering, and the arts. It has an urban garden, a Lego lab, and lots of technology. My school is very diverse and is Title I. The neighborhood school is less than half a mile from our house, has a good reputation, is full of people we know, and is not Title I. It is underfunded and lacks the resources of the city schools. It is also twenty minutes from Adam or I during the workday but is close to Miller's school, who would pick Noah up for after school care. 

We decided that he would come with me. 

I so hope we made the right choice for our big man. He is really entering the world for the first time. He is still so innocent and sheltered. Not necessarily on purpose. But his personality is one of trust and tenderheartedness. He is nervous and excited. As we are. Have we done a good job laying down his foundation? Will he be swayed or strengthened? Will he love to learn? Will he soak it up? Will he be kind to others? Will he make friends? Will he be happy?will he make good choices? My prayers are he will. 

My Noah Boy, 
Obviously Mommy loves school. That is why I am still in it. Learning never stops. Knowledge is important. It can be a key that unlocks many doors and that can lead you in many directions. For many it can make or break it. But it isn't the most important thing. People are. Noah we are here on this earth to be the hands and feet of God, to bring Him glory and to share His love. School is going to be your biggest opportunity to do these things. You will meet all kinds of people. People who have more than you, people who have less, people who are kind, people who are cruel, people who make good choices and people who make bad choices, people who need love. Love people well Noah. Show them kindness, patience, and respect. Hold on to the truth of God's love for you and his delight in you. Know that we are already proud of you before you take your first step into school. You can not earn more love, more approval, more delight. You already have it. When you see others doing things you know to be wrong...take a stand for what is right. Be brave. Be you no matter what. Do not be afraid to be different. Be the one who makes a difference. I love you so much! I am excited for this new part of your life. I will always be your biggest fan! 

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Papa said...

We are all praying and pulling for the big guy.
As one of his other big fans I can't wait to see how he grows in this next step.
You and Adam have laid a solid foundation and with God's help he will do well.
I cannot wait to hear about the lego lab from him.