Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Monster Family Night

June was a busy month! The boys has some an amazing time with both sets of grandparents while I taught summer school. The loved the memories they made. And there was surprisingly very little grandparent detox to do. Our biggest issue is the fact they no longer like to sleep in their separate bedrooms. They want to be together. Let the search for bunk beds begin, I suppose. Know of any good deals? I am rambling....

After the awesome grandparent time we had to compete with something cool :) So we did a family night that began with monster game apps on the iPad, monster craft from Pinterest, cupcakes and then the best part the boys' first movie on the big screen, Monsters University. We chose to take them to a drive in about an hour north of here in Guin. It was the perfect first movie for the boys. Miller could be Miller without disturbing anyone. It was such a fun night and I hope a good memory for the boys. It was for me! We pulled out all the stops but I don't think we can compete with Nana/Puddin and Mimi/Papa.

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