Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Country's Birthday

It rained cats and dogs most of the Fourth. Without getting political or soapboxish I will just simply say it made me sad because in a weird way that I can't really describe it felt right. But the truth is there is so much to celebrate about our country and its people. So we did the best that we could in between down pours. Nana and Puddin came and we attempted a healthy BBQ. Whole wheat buns with the BBQ, roasted potatoes instead of potato salad, a big salad, watermelon and Adam made some last minute baked beans. For dessert I made fruit skewers with brownie bites instead of a cake or pie. A little indulgence but still a bit of calories cut out.

 Adam and the boys and I braved the rain to watch the firework show over the river. They were late in getting started. So imagine the four of us in the car for an hour and a half. Sitting. But the fireworks started and they were great. Miller fell asleep, sweet thing. During the show. Noah enjoyed it, so much different than just a few years ago when they were simply terrifying. Happy Birthday America! I do love you.......

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