Friday, June 7, 2013

The Mud Puddles

Is there anything more joyful than the pure bliss of children??
Even if it comes in the form of mud?
At the cost of your grass?
I think not. And the grass was a mess to start with. Totally worth it.

 Reminded me of this....

The puddle was a little smaller then as were the ones stomping in it and we have added a few more kids but the premise is the same. Pure happiness and abandon. I feel like we can all learn from children and mud puddles.... let go and be happy in the mess. Life can be messy sometimes but when our joy is anchored in the Lord we can find happiness in stomping in the puddles.

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Mom said...

I need to print a few of these and keep them in my Bible....or maybe by my bedside...just to remind me to be joyful in life's continual messes.
Great post.
Does the puddle grow as the number of children jumping in it grows?