Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Preschool Graduation

 I remember the first day Noah was dropped off at CHUMC. I spent most of the day crying. Particularly in the office of my secretary at school. She was very comforting and I am also very thankful for her wisdom and kindness that day. He was fine. That day and all the days after it. He has thrived and grown so much. He drinks school up like a chocolate milkshake. He is going to adore Kindergarten. Every little minute of it. He is even hoping for homework. I am thankful to CHUMC for so much. I love his teachers and the ways they have instilled truth and him and curiosity. Last weekend they held a graduation ceremony for Noah's class. Cap and gown and all. Barely a dry eye in the house.They had a sweet binder of collected work and photos from the year. I had a hard time keeping it all together. I love this kid so much it hurts to look at him sometimes. If these five years went so fast what will the rest feel like? I feel like I will blink and he will be in a cap and gown again........
We celebrated with cake and ice cream and pizza and presents and grandparents. And then I cried myself to sleep. Well at least I wanted to!
As part of the program each child memorized a scripture verse. Noah had K... "Keep your tongue from evil."

Diploma Time

Noah and his teachers! We all adore them! 

My baby...

Not yet Miller...

Noah and Brooke....Graduating from preschool after five years together in  daycare and as next door neighbors. 

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