Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Weight Update

8 workouts.
15 days of logged calories all under goal.
8 showers at the gym. In cold water.
6 protein shakes.
12 protein bars.
2 nights of salmon.
0 Chick Fil A ice cream cones.
Lots of praise and worship on the elliptical machine.
One flooded locker room.
Only whole grain.
Lots of vegetables.
Lots of fruit.
No red meat.
8.2 pounds lost.
 And six inches off my waist.

Thank you for the prayers and encouragement. I am well on my way. My fat pants are my fat pants again. I have slept through the night . Hard. Two nights in a row for the first time in months. I have loads of energy. I am truly thankful for God's dose of encouragement and determination. I could not do it on my own. I am praying for lessons in self discipline.


LB said...

That's awesome, Carri!! Way to go!!

Mom said...

What great progress! All of it wonderful. The part that totallly got me? That you are SLEEPING at night. Everything is better after a good night's sleep.
I join you in giving thanks to the Lord for His grace that motivates and empowers us to change what we need to change. I also applaud you for saying "yes" to His outstretched hand.
Keep saying "yes, Lord" to all His overtures of love. You will bear much fruit!

Robin said...

Way to go!!!! Can't wait to hug you and your shrinking self next week!!!

Laudan said...

Wow Carrie!!! That is awesome! I am so impressed - I need some of you will power! :-) Great job!