Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Auburn Trip

You all know I love Auburn. A LOT. So I will spare all of the details of what it feels like to see the Toomer Oaks sick and decript. And then how it felt to roll them one last time with my children. And the pride I felt being in the stands with 83,000 for a Spring Game. After a three win season. Just know I cried at the video presentations and once while walking down Magnolia and we will leave it at that. The day was mostly joyous and celebratory. And every minute it felt like I was at home. I am earnestly praying that one day Adam and I will once again live there. Even if it is after we retire. Here are just a few pictures of the day we shared with our family. Our family by blood and then our Auburn Family too.
Miss Aubrey Kate celebrated her birthday tailgate style. 

The Evans Crew

The grand kids

Miller's first and last roll

Miller kept one eye on Aubie at all times! Loves him. 

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