Friday, January 25, 2013

The Hour or So of Snow

Last week we had Winter Storm 3013. My kids watched out the window. Waiting and wishing. When the first snowflakes came down the cheered and acted as if we could simply walk out and  leave. It was an agonizing hour before the decision was made and official. By the time I raced the 18.8 miles to daycare it had stopped snowing. I barely had time to find hats and gloves before it was melted. But we were all home early.  It came and it went. When it went it left sunshine behind....after thirty days of clouds and rain. It did create a mess the next morning but luckily we had a sweet two hour delay. That is snow in the south.

Little man had not had a nap. And so he didn't enjoy  the snow but instead had a  classic two year old in the street. 

Brooke and Noah loved it. Built little snowmen and threw snowballs at Mrs. Jennifer.

"I not like it. Mommy.  It cold. I want go house," 


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