Monday, January 14, 2013

The Eighth Anniversary

Where would I be without you?????

Discouraged. Sad.  Lonely. Bitter. Hopeless.
Thankfully I am none of those things. Because you love me. You make the choice everyday to do your best for God, for me, and for our boys. You honor me with your actions.
I'm proud to be your wife. I am thankful you chose me. I am a better woman for your love. Please remember you have given me everything I ever wanted be a wife and mother. Everything else is circumstantial. I wouldn't trade a minute in our happy loud and sometimes chaotic laundry filled home for any number of fancy dinners or exotic trips or diamonds.( Maybe some good chocolate...... kidding. Mostly.)
I thank God everyday He gives me another day with you! I hope He finds joy in our happiness! And may we always remember to thank Him for blessing us!

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